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censor n : a person who is authorized to read publications or correspondence or to watch theatrical performances and suppress in whole or in part anything considered obscene or politically unacceptable


1 forbid the public distribution of ( a movie or a newspaper) [syn: ban]
2 subject to political, religious, or moral censorship; "This magazine is censored by the government"

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From cēnsor 'magistrate, critic'


  1. One who condemns or censors
  2. A Roman census administrator, also a judge of public behavior and morality
  3. An official responsible for the removal of objectionable or sensitive content
  4. A hypothetical subconscious agency which filters unacceptable thought before it reaches the conscious
  5. (acronym) Censors Ensure No Secrets Over Radios



  1. To review in order to remove objectionable content
    The man responsible for censoring films has seen some things in his time.
  2. To remove objectionable content


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  1. A magistrate; one of two officials sworn to duty taking a census of the Romans.
  2. A provincial magistrate with similar duties.
  3. A critic, especially a severe one of morals and society.



  1. censor; a Roman census administrator
  2. censor; an official responsible for the removal of objectionable or sensitive content

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  • Sensor, a device or organ that detects or senses a signal or its environment
  • Censure, a formal reprimand
  • Censer, a small metal or stone dish used for burning incense
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abbreviate, abridge, annotator, asphyxiate, belittler, black out, bleach, blip, blot out, blue-pencil, bottle up, bowdlerize, cancel, captious critic, carper, caviler, censurer, choke off, clamp down on, clean up, cognoscente, commentator, commenter, common scold, connoisseur, conscience, conscientiousness, cork, cork up, crack down on, critic, criticaster, criticizer, critickin, criticule, cross out, crush, cut, cut out, damp down, delete, drown, edit, edit out, editor, erase, ethical self, excise, expunge, expurgate, extinguish, faultfinder, frondeur, gag, grace, hold down, hugger-mugger, hush, hush up, hush-hush, inner arbiter, inward monitor, jump on, keep down, keep under, kill, literary critic, man of letters, momus, monopolist, moral censor, muckraker, muffle, muzzle, narrow, nitpicker, omit, pettifogger, pour water on, protectionist, purge, purify, put down, quash, quell, quench, quibbler, repress, rescind, restrain, restrict, restrictionist, reviewer, rub out, scholiast, scold, screen, shush, shut down on, silence, sit down on, sit on, smash, smellfungus, smother, social conscience, social critic, squash, squelch, stanch, stifle, strangle, strike, strike off, strike out, stultify, subdue, suffocate, superego, suppress, tender conscience, textual critic, throttle, twinge of conscience, voice of conscience, void
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